Ashley is an 12 year old Caucasian female who currently residing in a pediatric medical facility. She is wheelchair bound due to severe cerebral palsy and non-verbal, but responds to light, motion, touch and the sound of familiar voices. Ashley enjoys activities that involve tactile and auditory stimulation. She loves music and bright lights. Ashley is generally happy and content when her medical issues are stable. She enjoys being around people. This is evidenced by a big smile when given attention.
Ashley is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, developmental delays, scoliosis, asthma and feeding intolerance. She is fed by a j-tube and receives nursing care to help with her medical needs. Ashley is currently free for adoption.

If you would like more information on Ashley, please contact her Older Child Matching Recruiter, Karen Knodel, MSW, LSW at 215-355-6500 x193 or email her at

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