2019 Summer Appeal

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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a foster child? Or what it feels like to wait and wonder when you can go back home? One child said that waiting in foster care felt like never sitting down…

Bethanna helps reduce the ache and trauma that children and young adults feel during their painful and undetermined wait. Bethanna’s staff works hard to keep the connection with the family strong, assist the parents with the services they need, and supports the foster families as they care for the child each day.

It was not Amber’s fault that her world became chaotic and unstable. Amber lived in South Philadelphia and was 8 years old when the county social worker removed her from her home. She struggled to fall asleep in her new “home.” She said everything was different…the sounds, the smells, the sheets, the towels. The only thing that remained the same was Honey Nut Cheerios in the morning, and macaroni and cheese for lunch. She worried all the time. She could not stop thinking about her mom, her schoolwork, and her friends she never said good-bye to. Amber waited for almost eighteen months before she and her mom were together again. 

Will you help us care for more children like Amber? The work Bethanna does to keep families together is critical, complex, and life changing. Will you consider making a monthly or one-time gift? Bethanna needs all types of gifts to keep strong for another 85 years! You can make your gift by clicking the Donate Now button below.