Love Run 2017

Dear Friends and Family,
We did it! Running 13.1 miles was an incredible experience and each member of Team Bethanna crossed the Love Run finish line. Our heartfelt appreciation for all your support and generosity goes out to:

Andrea Ashman
Kristina Carr
John M. Chase
Rein P. Clabbers
Calvin Cooper
David Maye Builders
Norman Derry and Karen Hamilton
Porchia Drew
Endeavor Investigations
Doretta Flemming
Amy Gordon
Randall Gurak
Lisa A. Holding
Laurel Jones
Stella Kalamarakis
William Maguire
Lorelee Martin
Caitlin McClintock
Laurie Mckenna
Cathy McLaughlin
Marjorie Nadeau
Renee Nix
Ajay Patel
Karen Pendergast
Angie Perry
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Peters III
Devon Punchello
Angela Redfern
Helen Schmidheiser
James Sievers
William Sievers
Mr. & Mrs. William Sievers
Christopher Stoudt
Darlene Stoudt
Michael Weckenman
Debra Weckenman
Alecia Williams
Kortnay Woods

Your support meant so much to us and will truly make a difference in the lives of the children and families we serve. We are looking forward to running again next year. Please consider joining Team Bethanna on our second Love Run!!!

Again, thank you.


Mace, Chris, Janet and Jason

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