I’m Michael. I have a great smile, love to sing and enjoy being around other children. I also love cars and especially watching out the window for cars, buses and trucks. I enjoy looking at books and naming objects I see. When meeting new people I am very quick to learn their names. What else do I like to do? I like to sing, especially children’s songs and Christmas music. I also like playing with blocks, coloring, and bouncing on yoga balls. Finally, I like anything that blows in the wind: String, ribbons, and of course, bubbles. On the other hand, while I am getting better, I have to say I am not fond of chores and I don’t like threads hanging on my clothes.

All families will be considered for me. I am legally free for adoption. I would do well with a family who can provide me with a structured routine, short clear instructions, and positive reinforcement. I need to stay in touch with my grandmother and my brother because they are very important to me.

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For more information regarding Me, Michael, please contact my child focused recruiter, Karen Knodel, MSW, LSW at 215-355-6500 x193

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