Here’s one incredible 11-year-old who, with a million-dollar smile beams light wherever he goes. Crazy about sports, Neilek is quite the athlete whether it’s football, soccer or swimming. Like many pre-teens, he’s serious about video games and loves hanging out with his friends. Asked what he likes best about himself, he responds, “I like how smart I am, and that I’m helpful.” For the future, he has lots of goals: Play for the Patriots, become an engineer, make cars, become a mechanic or possibly a scientist. If Neilek had three wishes, he’s clear: to go to Disney World; to play on a football team, and above all, to find a loving “forever” family who won’t quit on him.

Neilek would prefer a mom and dad, but will consider other types of families. He is not sure about where he would like to live or if he would like siblings; however, he may do better with older siblings-someone to be a positive role model for him. Above all else, he would like his family to support his desire to be on a football team.

If you would like more information regarding Neilek, please contact his Child Focused Recruiter, Karen Knodel, MSW, LSW at 215-355-6500 x193 or email her at

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