Clinical Transition and Stabilization Services (CTSS)

Clinical Transition and Stabilization Services (CTSS)

Clinical Transition and Stabilization Services are designed to bridge the gap in service access that traditionally families experience with other levels of care in Philadelphia County. We increase the likelihood of a stable placement, with a decreased need for readmission to acute levels of service by offering prospective caregivers specialized support upon their child/youth’s discharge from inpatient or residential programs.

CTSS is also available to those children/youth that reside with their biological, foster/kinship or adoptive families and are at risk of disruption of these placements as a result of attachment disruptions. Modeled like many of the community-based treatment teams, this format intends to be short-term, e.g. 90-days, and provides intensive behavioral health assessment and clinical services until the individual and family served are able to successfully transition to other longer-term providers. Teams of two provide services in homes, schools, and community settings.


  • In-home individual and family therapy
  • One-on-one support and modeling in home, school and community
  • Case management services
  • Psycho-education
  • Crisis intervention
  • Evaluation and medication management through our Mental Health Clinic
  • Coordination of needed supports and services prior to discharge

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