Foster Care

Why Foster or Adoptive Families Are Needed?

Each day children of all ages need a temporary foster home or permanent adoption placement.  Many of these children which Bethanna serves were subjected to physical, emotional, even sexual abuse in their young lives.  Some are healthy while others may have developmental, behavioral, or medical needs. Their families may have been torn apart by substance abuse, neglect, domestic violence, and other crises.  But all need Christ-like love, compassion, justice, and mercy.

This is where you can make a difference in a child’s life. Bethanna is committed to providing these children with the stability, warmth, and nurturing of a loving family like yours until they are reunited with their birth families or until an alternate permanent home is found for them.  Bethanna is looking for loving individuals and couples willing to open their homes as resource families for these children in need of temporary foster care or adoption. Children grow and develop to their fullest potential when they are in loving, nurturing homes.

We believe that children can best reach their potential in a family setting. Many of the children Bethanna serves have experienced physical, emotional and sexual abuse. These child have developmental, behavioral, emotional or medical needs. Their families have been torn apart by substance abuse, neglect, domestic violence and other crises. All need a place to call their own.

Bethanna is committed to providing children with stability, warmth and support until they are reunited with their birth families or placed in an alternate permanent home. This is where you can make a difference in a child’s life. Bethanna is looking for loving individuals and couples willing to open their homes to children in need of temporary foster care. Bethanna is a subcontractor to all 10 Philadelphia Community Umbrella Agencies (CUAs)

General Foster Care

General Foster Care meets children’s need for nurturing growth and development, including participation and transportation with and to medical and mental health services. Bethanna ensures that these temporary homes are safe and nurturing by training foster parents and supervising the families while the children are in our agency’s care.

General Foster Care Program Goals:

  • In most cases the goal is the reunion of the child with the parents in a stable and permanent home
  • Foster parents care for children’s day-to-day needs, including assistance with specific medical and behavioral care services
  • Encourage opportunities for children’s healing, growth and development

For more information view our Foster Care Brochure

Treatment Foster Care

Bethanna’s Treatment Foster Care (TFC) Program offers a distinct, powerful, and unique model of care. The TFC Program is an alternative to group living or institutional care for children with intensive emotional and behavioral needs. Foster parents care for children with more challenging emotional and behavioral needs in a nurturing and therapeutic family environment. In addition to providing the benefits of traditional foster care, TFC features behavioral health interventions and structured treatment. Currently serving Philadelphia County.

Treatment Foster Care Program Goals

  • Maintain children and youth in a community home environment instead of placement in a group living facility or institutional care.
  • Serving as a step-down resource for children and youth transitioning from higher levels of care, such as psychiatric hospitals, residential treatment facilities, and other institutional placements.
  • Promoting safety, stability, and improved behavioral health functioning that will lead to permanency and improved well-being.
  • Compliance with the Foster Family-based Treatment Association, Pennsylvania Child and Adolescent Service System Program, and People Places, Inc. Parenting Skills Training.
  • Adheres to regulations governed by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and Philadelphia’s Department of Human Services.

Medical Foster Care

Medical Foster Care (MFC) Program provides a family-centered, managed system of care. The program supports children entering into foster care who have special health care needs. Medical Foster Care extends many services to the medical foster parents and birth families to provide the best possible care for children.

Medical Foster Care Program Goals:

  • Provide affordable care for MFC children unable to live with their birth families
  • Allows a child with chronic medical condition to grow and develop in a family setting in a state licensed foster home
  • Coordinating training, support and services to highly dedicated foster parents and certify them as providers of personal care for MFC children
  • Support and coordinate care with hospitals, equipment providers, therapists, health facilities, schools, foster care staff and families
  • Respond to emergency needs of children who need a medical home after hours and assist with the movement of some children into adoptive homes when they cannot return to their birth families
  • Relationship building between MFC parents and birth parents as they working toward reunification with their children upon completion of the appropriate training and assessments
  • Offer follow-up services and referral to community-based programs to ensure children leaving care have the support and services within their community

Kinship Foster Care

Kinship Foster Care provides an opportunity for extended families to continue caring for a child in their own neighbor hoods and residing in their homes. This allows children to remain in a familiar environment attending the same schools and keeping the same friends, teachers and support systems. It also helps a foster parent develop or maintain a positive relationship with their child’s birth family. Working together can also help speed up the time it takes for a child to reunite with their birth families.

Kinship Foster Care Program Goals:

  • Helps a foster parent develop or maintain a positive relationship with their child’s birth family.
  • Teaming up with a Bethanna social worker and biological parents to expedite reunification of children with their birth families.

Respite Care

A break from caregiving can sometimes mean the difference between a successful, stable foster home and foster parent burnout and placement disruption.

Respite Care is provided to a foster child for a short period of time by a relative or friend other than their foster family. Foster parents are temporarily relieved of their daily parental responsibilities for the foster child in order to rest and refresh themselves. Respite care can range from several hours to several days or a weekend. This periodic “time-out” makes it possible for foster parents to perform the responsibilities required of caring for children and youth with special needs.

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