PECE Parenting Education Program

The PECE Parenting Education Program presents practical parenting skills and encourages open communication and positive and safe interactions between children and parents. The program involves videotaped lessons, group discussions, and interactive sessions between parents and their children.  The PECE Program currently offers classes to parents in the process of reunification, kinship care parents, and Father’s who are incarcerated in the Philadelphia Work Release Program.  The curriculum used in the entitled Nurturing Parents Program, and Nurturing Father’s program.

Program Goals:

  • Develop parenting styles and communications skills to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect handed down from one generation to the next
  • Expose parents to different styles of parenting
  • Validate and strengthen positive parenting skills
  • Educate parents regarding such critical issues as childhood development, the difference between discipline and abuse, appropriate behavior modification, and parenting stress
  • Address issues faced by parents of children with special healthcare and psychosocial needs

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