Family Visitation Program

Bethanna’s Visitation Program is a specialized program which provides goal directed, supported visitation to families in the child welfare system. The program offers a chance for parents to maintain and strengthen family bonding, develop care giving skills, gain knowledge, overcome parenting challenges, be mentored, be empowered, access community support, and heal fractured relationships through consistent, goal directed visitation. It currently supports families in Montgomery, Bucks, and Lancaster County and Youth Social Services Agencies. The program provides flexible visiting hours and times, to accommodate school and work schedules. Community visits, office visits and in home visits are offered. Sibling visitation is also offered for siblings who are in various placement settings, in order to maintain their family connections.

Program Goals:

  • Support consistent, goal directed visitation between parents and their children in out of home placements.
  • Assist families to utilize visitation as a tool to promote safe, nurturing and meaningful family interactions thereby maintaining and strengthening family connections.
  • Provide opportunity for parents to improve parenting skills.
  • Life skills related to parenting.
  • Gain knowledge regarding their child’s developmental needs.
  • Contribute information to facilitate the county children and youth agency in making permanency-planning decisions based on parental progress with visitation goals.

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