Community Umbrella Agency

Philadelphia’s new model for permanency services, Improving Outcomes for Children (IOC), is taking a community-based approach to streamline accountability and improve services. Community Umbrella Agencies (CUA’s) are community-based agencies that are responsible for the provision of direct case management services to families in their designated region. The CUAs ensure that local solutions and resources are more accessible to children and families. They develop connections to formal and informal neighborhood networks that can strengthen and stabilize families. In addition, they are responsible for recruitment and retention of foster and adoptive parents in the neighborhoods where children live. Bethanna is the Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) for West Philadelphia designated as CUA #10 and serving the 16th and 19th police districts as well as the CUA for Center City and South Philadelphia designated as CUA #8 and serving the 1st. 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 17th police districts.

CUA 8 Community Advisory Board

Delores Mills (Chair), House of Able

Jude Arijaje (Co-Chair), Minuteman Press of Philadelphia

Rev. Bruce Points (Secretary). Zion AME Church

Dr. Kamau Kanyi, Director of Community Engagement (CUA Region 8), Bethanna

Dr. Rev. Myra Maxwell, Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office

Carmetta Dickerson, Town Watch Integrated Services

Tyrique Glasgow, Young Chances Foundation

Michelle Heyward, Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual DisAbilities

Meeka Outlaw, Diversified Community Services

Anton Moore, Unity in the Community

Malkia Singleton Ofori-Agyekum, Parent Child Home Program

Tiphanie White, Councilman Kenyatta Johnson’s Office

Kim Rollings, Ox Sun Spa

Rory Sweeney, Saints John Neumann & Maria Goretti Catholic High School

Jiawen Xiong, Asian Arts Imitative

Lynne Wilkins, Senator Anthony Williams Office

Michael Johnson, Town Watch Integrated Services

John O’Conner, Community Relations Officer, 17th Police District

Kimberlee Hickinson, Community Relations Officer, 17th Police District

Maritza González, Sunrise of Philadelphia

Sean Korman, Starbucks

Taryn Goldsmith, Hood Savior, Inc.

Melodie Jackson, Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual DisAbilities

Monique Smaller-Rush, South Philadelphia Kiwanis Club

Tanika Little, Ian-Yae’s In Touch

Charles Reeves, Tasker Morris Neighborhood Association, RCO

Kim Smith, South Philadelphia Jr. Stakeholders

CUA 10 Community Advisory Board

Chantae Brabham (ADAC)

Natasha Dye (FACE)

Dominique Hudson (Powell)

Gregory Allen (Overbrook)

Briana Jackson (Locke)

Claire Hand (Library)

Falena Hand (Library)

Lea Hill (Granahan)

Jesse Woodhouse (Police)

Jerome Shabazz (Overbrook)

Kimberly Nettles (Martha Washington)

Samantha Smith (Kipp)

IOC Principles:

  • More children and youth maintained safely in their own homes and communities
  • More children and youth achieving timely reunification or other permanence
  • A reduction in the use of congregate care
  • Improved child, youth, and family functioning


  • Case Management
  • Behavioral Health
  • Parenting Education
  • Resource Home/Foster Care
  • Adoption Services

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