Social/Racial Justice

Statement of Support

Bethanna stands firmly in condemnation of all forms of racial inequality, systemic racism, and historical and present social injustice. We condemn the actions and beliefs that led to the murder of George Floyd, as well as so many other black men and women who have lost their lives due to police brutality and racial violence.
Bethanna believes Black Lives Matter and has always stood against racial injustice. We take pride in developing strong community partnerships in the communities where our organizations reside, and creating opportunities to not only provide social services to families in need, but to also listen and support communities in need as well. In the  wake of the many protests that have happened as a result of Mr. Floyd’s untimely death, we acknowledge that each of us individually and collectively have to do more to support the African American community and pledge to continue advocating for equality, an end to racism, and an end to police misconduct.
Bethanna, meaning “house of grace” was established 85 years ago to be a place of prayer, a place of rest, a place of service, and a place to demonstrate God’s love.  We will continue to stand and advocate with our brothers and sisters in this fight, we will continue to listen, seek to understand, and continue to spread love, hope, and peace in all that we do.
We renew our commitment to the following ideas and behaviors that we will exhibit in all that we do:
• We commit to spreading hope, love and peace in all that we do.
• We commit to treating Black and Brown members of our community equally.
• We commit to advocating for the end of systemic racism and social injustice.
• We commit to listening and ensuring all people’s viewpoints are heard.
• We commit to living by our guiding principles and partnering with our community to improve the conditions of others.
June 9, 2020