301 North Duke Street, Lancaster, PA 17602-4915
Phone: 800-989-1926 or 717-299-1926
Fax: 717-291-9366


Bethanna opened the doors of an office in Lancaster in early September 1991 with the hopes of finding foster families who would be able to care for the increasing numbers of medically needy infants and children in Philadelphia who were needing foster care placements. The first office was a large closet in a retail complex. Very quickly, our program expanded as area families were approved and children were placed in their homes. We outgrew the "closet" and moved to a much larger renovated space in the same building. In September 1997, we moved to our current location in downtown Lancaster. Our services have continued to expand and our presence and involvement in the Lancaster area has grown. We now provide foster care services for Lancaster and Dauphin counties with contracts with several other surrounding counties. We are a SWAN (Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network) affiliate agency providing services to Lancaster, Dauphin, and Chester Counties as well as other counties. Bethanna also offers a foster care visitation program through Lancaster County.